Manufacturer and Suppliers of Display Board, Publicity Display Board, Electronic Display Board and Pinning Board of various types and configuration, Electronic Moving Message Systems, Expanda Brochure, Display Stands, Publicity Display Boards, Brass/Ass/ Aluminium Etched Boards and Letters among others.
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Display Board

Display Board
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------Brochure Display Stands------
This is a fully integrated system that offers solutions to every imaginable brochure display application.

------Electronic Notice Board------
Electronic alphanumeric stationery notice board is accessible in 1 line to 8 line. Each line having 24 characters is used specially by Five Star Hotels (for banquet hall information), share brokers (prices of group shares), Colleges (Notice Boards), etc.

This system is programmable through user-friendly keywords, remote control or PC. Bank & Corporate logos can be presented on the top of the display. In case of a power failure, this system consists of battery back up to store memory. The systems is available in 5,10,15 rows and 1,2,3,4 columns.

We are the manufacturers of the first Carousels in the market, featuring completely interchangeable brochure display pockets. The unique feature of this board is that it includes a sturdy 5-legged base for extra-added safety.

------Wall Bar Mounted Display------
To make office’s décor attractive, one should go for wall bar mounted display, which is functional, striking and well designed.

------Inter Locking Brochure Holders------
Inter locking brochure holders can clip together desktop & wall mounting displays in Carousels & Trolleys. Flip Boards & Holders are also available. The folders are generally available in A3 and A4 sizes.


Capability: As per the buyer's specification
Place of origin: India

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Display Board
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